Viral List Builder Plus Review

Viral List Builder Plus (also known as VLB+) is a viral list builder owned by John Bell. John Bell is one of the best owners in the viral list builder industry, and his sites always deliver top notch results. Viral List Builder Plus is no exception to this rule and consistently delivers open rates upwards of 6%.

Viral List Builder Plus Script and Design

The first things I look at when I’m thinking about joining a new viral list builder or safelist are the script and design.

Viral List Builder Plus Logo

Viral List Builder Plus Logo

By looking at the script and design, you can quickly determine how much care and effort the owner has invested into the success of their viral list builder or safelist.

If all they did was purchase some generic script and throw up some cheap design with copied and pasted sales copy, that’s a pretty good indication that they may not be in it for the long haul. If, on the other hand, they invested time and money into a custom script, unique design, and/or effective sales copy, then that’s a pretty good indication that they might be invested more for the long term (which is what you probably want to look for in a viral list builder or safelist).

In the case of Viral List Builder Plus, John is using the LFMVM script (which is currently the most popular viral list builder script) and a completely custom design he built from scratch. On top of this, all of the sales copy on the site is uniquely designed by him to help the user understand what sets Viral List Builder Plus apart from the competition.

 Viral List Builder Plus Unique Features

Viral List Builder Plus has a number of unique features which set it apart from other viral list builders.

Aside from being the first site to innovate a lot of the features currently available in the marketplace, Viral List Builder Plus pioneered a number of features many safelists and viral mailers still don’t have.

For example, Viral List Builder Plus has a social points and rewards system incorporated throughout the entire site. You can earn rewards such as free upgrades, free credits, and even free referrals simply by using the site to generate results for your business!

On top of this, you can show off your points and achievements to other members along with your social links to Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and IM Faceplate, building instant credibility for your business and rendering your marketing more effective.

Should You Join Viral List Builder Plus?

Hitz the viral list building robot highly recommend Viral List Builder Plus

Hitz highly recommends Viral List Builder Plus!

Hitz’s Recommendation

Hitz the viral list building robot highly recommends Viral List Builder Plus. Viral List Builder Plus is one of the top safelists and viral list builders available today, and Hitz even recommends taking the best upgrade available because it will quickly pay for itself if used correctly.

Join Viral List Builder Plus!

Click Here to Join Viral List Builder Plus!

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