Adchiever Review

Adchiever is a unique viral list builder owned by one of the best owners in the safelist marketing industry, Darren Olander. Darren takes great care and pride in making his sites unique and effective, and Adchiever stands out as one of his greatest works.

With click through rates consistently upward of 3% (which is a very impressive feat for a mailer which has been around for a number of years), Adchiever never ceases to bring in traffic, leads, and sales.

Adchiever’s Unique Script and Design

Adchiever was custom built and designed to be one of the most effective viral list builders online today.

Unlike the cookie-cutter sites which fill most of the industry today, Adchiever’s design is well thought out, making it easy to use and increasing conversion rates throughout the site.

If you’re into generating referrals and commissions to the viral mailers you use, then Adchiever is a must. Its web 2.0 video landing page makes getting referrals and commissions so easy even a complete newbie could do it!

Adchiever’s Highly Effective Training

Speaking of newbies, Adchiever has a vast array of highly effective tips and tricks to help you get off on the right foot with your safelist marketing efforts.

In the back office, members have access to two enlightening video presentations which not only bring to light safelist and viral mailer best practices, but also provide deep insight into the most effective techniques to completely dominate viral list builders.

This training includes everything from basic time savers (which allow you to spend more energy building your business) to common mistakes (and, more importantly, how you can avoid making them) to proven strategies used by the world’s most advanced copywriters to entrance their readers and make sales.

This incredible training alone makes Adchiever worthy of joining. But wait, there’s more…

Adchiever Loyalty Reviews

One of Adchiever’s most exciting features is the loyalty reward system.

With this system, you can earn free credits, banner and text impressions, and even Elite upgrades simply by performing the tasks you already complete on a regular basis!

The way it works is relatively simple (and is also very similar to the reward system over at Viral List Builder Plus).

Every time you read an email, you receive some achievement points. Whenever you refer a new member, you receive a referral achievement point. Then, upon meeting certain thresholds, you get rewarded with thousands of free mailing credits (that’s thousands of free emails to prospects!), months worth of free upgrades (or even years depending on how far you get!), and the promise of dozens more rewards as you keep doing what you’re already doing.

I personally managed to secure over two years of free upgraded membership extensions simply by reading some emails and referring a few members. And there’s nothing stopping you from doing the same thing!

Should You Join Adchiever?

Hitz the viral list building robot highly recommend Viral List Builder Plus

Adchiever is one of Hitz’s favorite viral list builders!

Hitz’s Recommendation

Adchiever is one of Hitz’s favorite viral list builders. With a person like Darren Olander at the helm, with its incredible training, with its impressive reward system, and with its steadily consistent results, Adchiever will remain a top viral list builder for years to come.

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Email-Hog Review

Email Hog Logo

Email Hog Logo

Email-Hog is a viral list builder owned by longtime owner Marty Petrizza and remains one of the best viral list builders online today.

Users can consistently receive upwards of 200 visitors per email with a click through rate approaching 4%.

Increase Website Traffic with Email-Hog

Email-Hog has many different advertising opportunities to help you increase your website traffic and drive results. These include the regular credit mailer, banner advertisements, text link advertisements, login advertisements, highly responsive solo advertisements, and high converting premium solo ads which go out to over 25000 members.

Whenever I’m in a referral contest at another website, purchasing an Email-Hog solo ad is one of the first things I do. Email-Hog’s solo and premium solo advertisements are highly effective and generally produce numerous referrals whenever I use them.

Further, Email-Hog‘s upgrade option is one of the best in the industry with 6000 bonus credits at various traffic exchanges, 3500 free emails every 4 days, 2% guaranteed click through rates, free bonus solo ads, and even free rotation of your referral links to 10 top viral list builders!

What Sets Email-Hog Apart?

Aside from results, the most important thing to consider when choosing viral list builders to use, Email-Hog sets itself apart from the competition in a number of ways.

First, Email-Hog’s owner is always coming up with creative new ways to help members drive results. The guarantee of at least 2% click through rate per email ensures that there will always be people looking at your ads.

On top of this, Email-Hog frequently has fun and easy-to-win referral contests and click contests with great prizes.

With 50% commissions, it’s easy to earn a good chunk of money referring others to Email-Hog. And what’s great about the Email-Hog referral contests is that you don’t need to be the person with the most referrals to win great prizes. All you need is one referral to be entered to win!

You can also participate in the weekly click qualifier contests which give out similarly fantastic cash and credit prizes for reading a certain number of emails the previous week.

Should You Join Email-Hog?

Hitz the viral list building robot highly recommend Viral List Builder Plus

Hitz highly recommends Email-Hog!

Hitz’s Recommendation

Hitz the viral list building robot highly recommends Email-Hog. Email-Hog is one of the best viral list builders currently available. Results at Email-Hog are not only remarkable – they’re guaranteed. And, with a competitively priced upgrade, there’s no reason not to upgrade if it fits in your marketing budget!

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Viral List Builder Plus Review

Viral List Builder Plus (also known as VLB+) is a viral list builder owned by John Bell. John Bell is one of the best owners in the viral list builder industry, and his sites always deliver top notch results. Viral List Builder Plus is no exception to this rule and consistently delivers open rates upwards of 6%.

Viral List Builder Plus Script and Design

The first things I look at when I’m thinking about joining a new viral list builder or safelist are the script and design.

Viral List Builder Plus Logo

Viral List Builder Plus Logo

By looking at the script and design, you can quickly determine how much care and effort the owner has invested into the success of their viral list builder or safelist.

If all they did was purchase some generic script and throw up some cheap design with copied and pasted sales copy, that’s a pretty good indication that they may not be in it for the long haul. If, on the other hand, they invested time and money into a custom script, unique design, and/or effective sales copy, then that’s a pretty good indication that they might be invested more for the long term (which is what you probably want to look for in a viral list builder or safelist).

In the case of Viral List Builder Plus, John is using the LFMVM script (which is currently the most popular viral list builder script) and a completely custom design he built from scratch. On top of this, all of the sales copy on the site is uniquely designed by him to help the user understand what sets Viral List Builder Plus apart from the competition.

 Viral List Builder Plus Unique Features

Viral List Builder Plus has a number of unique features which set it apart from other viral list builders.

Aside from being the first site to innovate a lot of the features currently available in the marketplace, Viral List Builder Plus pioneered a number of features many safelists and viral mailers still don’t have.

For example, Viral List Builder Plus has a social points and rewards system incorporated throughout the entire site. You can earn rewards such as free upgrades, free credits, and even free referrals simply by using the site to generate results for your business!

On top of this, you can show off your points and achievements to other members along with your social links to Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and IM Faceplate, building instant credibility for your business and rendering your marketing more effective.

Should You Join Viral List Builder Plus?

Hitz the viral list building robot highly recommend Viral List Builder Plus

Hitz highly recommends Viral List Builder Plus!

Hitz’s Recommendation

Hitz the viral list building robot highly recommends Viral List Builder Plus. Viral List Builder Plus is one of the top safelists and viral list builders available today, and Hitz even recommends taking the best upgrade available because it will quickly pay for itself if used correctly.

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